Spring cheese board

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Spring cheese board

  • 1 pack of Fromager d’Affinois crispy brie bites lien vers page our cheese/Fromager d’Affinois Crispy brie bites
  • cherries, blackberries and in-season stone fruits
  • apricots and figs
  • olive or rosemary crackers
  • cured meats


  1. Place the Bites in a dish in the centre of the board, that will keep them warm and the rest of your ingredients cooler.
  2. The nutty creaminess of the Brie Bites is accentuated by tart accompaniments like cherries, blackberries and stone fruit.
  3. Balance those bold flavours with little sweet pockets of dried fruit – apricots and figs are sublime!
  4. A more savoury cracker with flavours of olive or rosemary and salty cured meats creates a very well-rounded finish.
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