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Pavé d’Affinois, a creamy and tasty line

A little bit of history

The Pavé d’Affinois brand takes its name from the cube shape which characterizes our cheese, plus the geographic origin of the first Pavé, or block. Created in the Dauphiné region, giving it the name “Dauphinois”, the brand quickly became Pavé d’Affinois, in recognition of the delicate ripening stage (or “affinage” in French), needed to produce a quality soft cheese.
The brand has made its mark – it is now one of the most popular cheeses in France.

Creamy and tasty cheeses
3307907100084 - Pavé d'Affinois Original 200g

All the cheeses in the Pavé d’Affinois range stand out thanks to:

  • Delicate flavours, popular with the whole family
  • Creamy textures, that melt in the mouth
  • Fine rinds

They continue to ripen over time, strengthening the unique qualities of these cheeses without giving them a strong taste.


Lots of choices for all cheese lovers

If you are…

… a lover of cheese made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk,
… looking for a cheese in a practical, individual portion or, that looks great on a tray,
… eager to find new products and flavours,

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for with the cheeses in the Pavé d’Affinois line, – either, cut to order at the cheese counter or pre-wrapped at your favourite store.