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Since 1981, Fromagerie Guilloteau has been using a unique technology to produce all of its cheeses:  ultrafiltration  

Ultrafiltration is a manufacturing process that involves removing the excess water contained in milk. Concentrating the protein and other nutrients.

Step1: The milk received each day is pasteurized and then filtered, leaving the protein, flavor, and nutrients –in other words, the best part of the milk.

Step 2: The cheeses are then produced by adding the ferments, rennet, salt and other ingredients.

Step 3: The cheeses are then matured in ripening cellars.

Step 4: The cheeses are packaged and shipped.


The advantages of ultrafiltration

  • An even and creamy texture
  • A delicate unique taste
  • A very fine rind
  • Consistent production quality year round
  • Exceptional nutritional profile, i.e. more calcium, phosphorous and protein that found in other soft cheeses.