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Best cheese & wine pairings

  • 1 bottle of Chardonnay, 1 bottle of  Riesling, 1 bottle of Pinot Noir and 1 bottle of Merlot  


  1. For a classic winning pairing, you can’t beat cheese and wine. 
  2. For cool climate Chardonnay fans, a Tasmanian chardonnay with a citrus flavour and delicate, rounded oakiness pairs well with goat’s milk cheese like Fromager d’Affinois Florette. The chardonnay will coat the mouth and reset the palate to truly indulge in the almost whipped, creamy texture of Florette and its tangy and salty flavours.  
  3. The refreshing, high acidity of a Tasmanian Riesling goes beautifully with sheep’s milk cheeses, while the tones of grapefruit and ginger and its beautiful minerality complement the sheepy flavour of cheeses with a smooth, velvety finish like Fromager d’Affinois Brebicet.  
  4. Medium-bodied Pinots noirs are also recommended to go with creamy, lush double cream cheese like Fromager d’Affinois Le Fromager. The fine tannins and slightly spicy, cherry flavour of this wine are perfectly balanced to go with crowd-pleasing cheeses like Le Fromager. 
  5. For a stand-out dessert pairing, a Cotes de Bordeaux Merlot is fantastic when paired with a truffle cheese like Fromager d’Affinois Truffles. The earthy, mushroomy flavours coming from real bits of black truffles spread throughout the cream are beautifully matched by a Merlot dominant wine from the right bank of Bordeaux, where grapes are said to be more refined and juicier.  
  6. With these classic combinations, the temperature is key and we recommend taking your cheese out of the fridge in good time to serve it at room temperature while ensuring you also keep your white wines chilled to between 8-12 degrees, and decanting your reds and giving them ample time to breathe before your guests arrive.  
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