Best cheese & bubbles pairings

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Best cheese & bubbles pairings

While cheese and wine are synonymous with being a match made in heaven, there are a variety of unexpected pairings that match beautifully with your favourite creamy soft French cheese Fromager d’Affinois.  

With the explosion of boutique craft beers and seltzer brands bubbling their way to the top of drinks lists and a bevy of healthy, non-alcoholic beverages landing onto our local supermarket shelves; many are surprised to find that these refreshing carbonated drinks are perfectly paired with cheese! 


“It’s not hugely well known that creamy cheeses go very well with beer, seltzers and kombucha,” says Australian chef Justine Schofield ( “People tend to discount beer or other carbonated beverages and go straight to wine because it’s a classic. The subtle sweetness and refreshing carbonation of these drinks cuts through the density of rich, creamy cheeses like Fromager d’Affinois and helps cleanse the palate.”  


The bubbles from the drinks’ carbonation help lift the fat from your tongue, therefore refreshing your palate. The key to a good matching is to look at the intensity of each, pairing to complement or contrast, the texture of the cheese and to be adventurous but remembering that common flavours create harmony.  

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